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Boehringer Ingelheim product logos for Cystorelin and Synchsure.



Synchsure and Cystorelin together improve reproductive efficiency in cows and heifers.

Together, Cystorelin® (gonadorelin) by Merial and Synchsure (cloprostenol sodium) by Merial should be your go-to combination for reproductive efficiency in cows and heifers.

It’s good to be sure. Take the guesswork out of your cattle breeding program.

Long calving intervals lead to lower lifetime milk production. The primary causes are poor heat detection, waiting too long after calving to begin breeding and low conception rates.1

Help your herd conceive and calve on schedule. When used in combination, CYSTORELIN and SYNCHSURE provide:

  • A missed heat cycle can cost as much as $292
  • A missed pregnancy costs a producer up to $4503
  • Poor reproductive performance and extended lactations steal from your bottom line
  • Shortened time to first service
  • Increased estrus detection efficiency
  • Improved first-service conception rate
Syringe used to administer medication to improve conception rates in cattle.
Syringe used to administer medication to improve cattle fertility.

Customized syringes are available for CYSTORELIN and SYNCHSURE with their respective product logos to allow for ease of administration and to prevent confusion of products.

Logo for Cystorelin, a cattle reproductive product.


  • CYSTORELIN is the first GnRH product approved by the FDA for treatment of cystic ovaries in cattle.


  • In a study,4 CYSTORELIN induced the highest peak and highest average LH responses, as well as the highest ovulatory response of 95% compared to Fertagyl® (gonadorelin) and Factrel® (gonadorelin hydrochloride).


  • CYSTORELIN is available in a 10-bottle carton with 15 doses per bottle. We also offer the flexibility of a 5-dose bottle.
  • CYSTORELIN has no milk withholding and no meat withdrawal.
  • Once opened, CYSTORELIN has a 6-month shelf life, and is stored at or below 77°F.
Logo for Synchsure, a fertility dairy product.


  • SYNCHSURE is a prostaglandin that causes regression of the corpus luteum. In cycling animals, this usually results in estrus 2-5 days after treatment.


  • It can be used in a single- or two-dose protocol.
  • Available in a single 100 mL bottle, 8-pack 100 mL bottles and a case of 64 100 mL bottles.


  • SYNCHSURE can also be used to induce abortion and treat endometritis. Once opened, SYNCHSURE has a 6-month shelf life, and no refrigeration is ever required.